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Re: WWYD about Constipation?

Hey, I don't know if I can help but I sure hope so. My daughter is 18 months and has suffered from chronic constipations since birth (poor thing) we tried apple juice, pear juice, pears, prunes everything. Our pediatrician reccommended dark corn syrup in her bottle (she was formula fed) and that seemed to help ALOT. She never did like the juice but water helped also. I started her on solid foods at 4 months and she loved them but of course that brought on a new level of constipation. I don't even know if you feed your little one baby cereal, but I do know that the rice cereal was strickly forbidden in our house along with bannana anything. We gave our daughter oatmeal cereal instead and she liked it (we even put some dark corn syrup in this). Honestly every child is different so I don't know what will work for you but I know when our daughter has had constipation for days she doesn't want to eat, her stomach gets hard and no amount of pears or prunes will work. Our pediatrician told us we could get the glycerin suppositories but to cut them in half.....unfortunately this never really worked for us either because she would just push it out before it melted and had a time to work. If your little one doesn't like the apple juice the pear would be gentler on the tummy. I'm sorry that you are having to go through this with your little one. Honestly you are doing good by trying the fruit and juice first but four days is a long time to be straining :-( so if that still isn't working I would want to call the pediatrician or try 1/2 a suppository. Also please remember that I did not bf so I don't know about that side of things. I'm sorry if I'm not much help I just know what we did and what has and has not helped for us. I honestly hope and pray that your little one finds relief. If you want to ask me any specific questions feel free okay?
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