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Re: baby wearers - what do you do in the winter?

my baby was born in feb and I had a rs at the time. I would put on whatever I normally would wear (sweater, or long sleaved something), put on the sling, put her in the sling (wearing a baby gown and swaddled, and wearing a hat), and put my regular coat over us both. I had to hold it together in the front when outside to keep the wind off of her. but it worked.

this year I am moving to texas

if I were staying up north I would soooo get a new mt with minky and a nice bwing coat.

here are some links I found for bwing outerwear:
Gypsymamas poncho (to make yourself or buy)
sew your own maternity/bwing coat panel
Suse's Kinder coat
ATB 3 in 1 jacket (cuddle coat)
girl born at home 4 feb 2006
boy born in birth center 2 march 09

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