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My out of control toddler... HELP

Ok... Vent

I think i am going crazy...

I cant get anything done, Big A (3 months) screams bloody mudererious screams every time he is put down, probably in fear of my lovely Elle(26 motnhs) who i cannot leave alone for 1 second because she pummels the poor guy.. She bit his fingers yesterday She also doesnt respond to ANY punishment, i have tried it all... As soon as i set down to feed him she starts ripping the house apart.. Jackets, playdoh , mail , anything she can get he little hands on is everywhere... I cannot take it anymore... I am at me wits end..... And dont even get me started on taking her in public.... or bedtime....GGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR

Any suggestions on how to control this lovely beast
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