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Re: WWYD about Constipation?

Originally Posted by kittykat2481 View Post
Actually, it's still not really formed at all, but he's been pushing and grunting for 3 days to get it out. And when it does come out it's just peanut buttery. Is it just that he's used to the watery poo he had when EBF and doesn't know how to poo? That sounds wierd I know, but his tummy is soft and so is his poo, but he's def struggling and going too many days between poos. I'm debating between taking a break on solids, or just including some juice or fruit each day to keep him regular. As it is, I've started him a little earlier than planned, but other than the poo problem he's doing great and loves it.
I don't consider my kids to be constipate unless the poo comes out hard. They may seem to be grunting and pushing but it might not be that they're trying to poop. With ds1, after we started solids, he had a really hard time adjusting to push out his poo. He would cry and cry and cry. Or even try to hold it which then made him constipated. He was close to 7 months old when we started. I didn't cut back the food but instead offered him more water. That seemed to help and with time, he learned how to push the poo out. DS2 started solids a couple months ago as well and he's been going through the same thing. Since he's bf'd, it's not as bad and he's gotten used to it now. I would not give the baby anything else other than BM and maybe a bit of water. If his stomach is soft, he's ok. Some babies can go a week in between bowel movements.
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