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Re: Baby shaking/spasming in utero? PLEASE READ!

Originally Posted by shannbannan View Post
I know this might sound crazy... it does to me anyways, but I never had this happen while pregnant with DS #1 so I am a little concerned.

Sometime last week, I started noticing the baby shaking or spasming for about 10-12 seconds at a time. I will be 30 weeks along on Friday and it happens 1-3 times a day. Gradually, I have realized that I can tell when these fits are coming because I start to get crampy before hand.

I chalked it up to crazy fetal stretching or something until last night when I was cramping so bad that I could hardly put my hands behind my back. I think the cramping is BH contractions, and they are getting worse, but I wonder if it is hurting the baby.

Her kicking is frantic- even painful, and it shakes my whole belly; then she doesn't move for a little while afterwards. The rest of the day, she is fine and active and kicking like normal.

I have a call into the nurse at my OBGYN, but I just wonder if anyone has experienced anything similar? Ease my mind!
This happen to me while pregnant with my daughter, it scared me when it first started happening but then i ended up getting used to it and it started happening less frequent. Hopefully your baby is fine, i still don't know what it was, it didnt happen with my pregnancies with my boys, only with my daughter. she is healthy and everything is fine, she does have down syndrome but i doubt that has anything to do with the strong vibrations i felt while pg with her.
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