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Re: Why don't people breastfeed?

I wanted to breastfeed. I took the classes, read the books, thought it was going to be fabulous. Then, she was born and wouldn't latch. Then, PPD hit. Well they both happend at the same time. I had zero help at home, no LLL, no LC, and my mom was 1 hr away from me. I just couldn't do it. My emotional status was non-existant to the point where I wanted to drive off a cliff and I physically couldn't get her to latch.

I've since learned a bit more about 3rd trimester depression and plan on getting on meds. That should help with the PPD. Then, I will DEMAND help in the hospital for latching, ask for a pump should problems start happening (to stimulate the milk production anyway), and be more persistant. I'm actually thinking of hiring a post partum doula to help me when I get back home (we live in the boonies and far from civilization.

It took me almost a year to stop feeling such guilt over being a bf'ing flunky. It took me that long to not let people's statements bother me. Now, I know what we did was best for me and my daughter. I learned from the situation and am going to be better for it.
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