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Re: Baby shaking/spasming in utero? PLEASE READ!

Originally Posted by shannbannan View Post
Good Lord, I hope not... because i'm in for it if that's the case!

I just got back from an NST and the doctor said that everything was fine as far as he could see. He said that it could be anything from fetal stretching to seizures (which he then clarified are RARE!) He said that next time I have it happen that I should come in and see if they can catch it on the monitor. If they don't catch it between now and my next appointment and I am still feeling it- he may put me on an in home fetal monitor for a few hours a day until they do. He said that there really isn't much else they can do until they know for sure what is causing it- but that I shouldn't worry.

I feel better!
I feel this all the time too mama I thought I was the only one!!! With DS #1 it was just "normal" movements, but this baby boy has those "shaking/spasms" feels so weird...
And I actually worried about seizures as well.

I'm glad everything looked good!!!! I'm willing to bet it's nothing as well, just a difference in how our LO's move and 'shake' in there
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