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Re: Car Seat Dilemma: WWYD? (with 2 dc or more)

Car seats can be really confusing. I have been dealing with them for almost 8 years now and I still wonder if I have it right at times.

I have a 4yr old that weighs 32 lbs and he rides in a Marathon on the second to lowest strap openings so he will be in that past 5 I'm sure.

My oldest son is about 70 lbs and rides in a parkway. I wish he could still be in a 5 point too. Especially when he falls asleep and starts to lean over.

I would keep your kids in a 5 point as long as possible.

As for fitting 3 seats in a car I think harnessed seats would be the easiest if you can get them all in together. It is really hard to do up a seatbelt around a booster with a car seat right next to it. I have felt like my arm was going to be stuck inbetween forever a few times.

Some stores will let you try seats in your car before you buy them to see if they will fit.
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