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Re: Car Seat Dilemma: WWYD? (with 2 dc or more)

I am not sure why the manufacturer's state you can use a booster from 3 yo, but I suspect it is because a lot of children outgrow the 40lb/lower harness height seats by height way before they are 40lbs, so their parents are only looking to buy one more seat instead of two and buy a booster. Every "step up" in car seats is a step down in safety (rearfacing to forward facing, harnessed to booster, and booster to regular seat belt). A 2.5 yo is not mature enough to sit up straight and not mess with the buckles in a booster, and have a higher risk of slipping out from behind the seatbelt.
Here is a list of car seats that harness past 40lbs:
Britax marathon/decathalon/boulivard (rf 33lbs, ff 65lbs)
Fisher Price Safe embrace deluxe (rf 33lbs, ff 55lbs)
Sunshine Kids Radian (rf 33lbs, ff 65lbs)
Britax Regent (ff only 80lbs)
Safety First Apex (ff only 65lbs, requires a headrest behind child's head and is on sale right now at for $99)
When the Graco safeseat 2 is taken off the shelves and re-released it is supposed to harness to 50lbs.. right now it only harnesses to 40.

The Graco cargo is a good harnessed seat, but doesn't make a great booster. If you are looking to pass it down and get your daughter a Parkway anyway in a few years, I would say this is a good choice.
Your roundabout is good for 6 years, so you have one more year then you thought to use it.
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