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Re: My out of control toddler... HELP

Im in the same situation as you. Are kids are the same age difference. My son is now 2.5 and my DD is now 7 months. Im really finding what he is responding to is gentle disipline. Its something though that you need to commit too b/c thats they only way they will respond.

Heres what I read in the disipline book by Dr. sears last night. If your DD is biting, have her bite herself (not to hard) so she knows that it hurts. At this age shes not fully understanding the consicounses of her actions. Also tell her that its not okay to bite but you can gently stroke his head or give him a gentle kiss. She may not know a way to play w/ her brother gently yet.

Also if she is making a big mess make her clean it up. Of course she probably wont but atleast make her stand next to you while you clean it up and let her know that if she makes a mess cleaning it up is what needs to happen. Does she have any special toys? If she does this behavior give her a warning. For example Honey if you dont stop hitting y our brother I will take your special bunny away. If she continues to hit say Honey I told you that if you didn't stop hitting your brother I would take your bunny away, now I am going to take him away, if you behave well the rest of the day you can have your bunny back

also throw your DS in a sling and spend time w/ ur DD. My DD is pretty high needs so for her naps she is in the ergo while I play w/ my DS and get some things done.
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