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Re: Baby shaking/spasming in utero? PLEASE READ!

Before ours engaged, and realized he needed to move down, he'd do what I called the "aftershock of a cat running across a waterbed".. LOL I dunno what else to call it, but that is what it looked like. Sometimes he did it when I was awake, and sometimes when I was asleep.

What it was, is that he was frustrated he couldn't turn or move anywhere else but down, and he was pitching a fit in there.

Other days he'd have hiccups for anywhere from a minute to almost 30 minutes, and in the last few days, I SWEAR I felt him burp, becuase that was *not* my intestines.

Now that he's engaged, about the only thing he's moving is when he's turning or kicking or punching (very rare now), but he did get hiccups the other day while we were doing the CTG just to make sure things are fine... I just hope he comes OUT. :P

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