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C diff isn't that big of a deal, it can be easily treated. It is mostly an oppurtunistic bacteria. Usually people get it after being on antibiotics. C diff actually lives in the intestine and is considered a bad bacteria if it gets out of control. The good bacteria keeps the c diff under control and keeps it from flourishing. If the antibiotics kill off the good bacteria, the c diff can grow and wreak some havoc on the intestines. It causes diarrhea and cramping. It also smells terrible, once you smell it you will never forget it. Most of us in healthcare can diagnose it from a sniff It isn't terribly contagious as long as you are washing your hands real good after changing diapers. Washing in hot should kill what is in the diapers although you might want to move the pail into a garage if you can until he gets over it. I would clean the pail with bleach after washing diapers too. Here is good site that explains it pretty simply. I hope Corey is feeling better soon

ETA from you described Coreys symptoms sound more like rotavirus. The green stools are more consistant with rotavirus than c diff although I have seen it in c diff.

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