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Insurance #$&*%#@ ****UPDATE at bottom*****

My middle daughter has ADHD/ODD. SHe is on several medications which are working great for her. She also receives some behavioral therapy & outpatient psych services as well. Everything has been fine & dandy until we moved. Because my daughter is considered disabled, she is entitled to Medical Assitance no matter what our income is. Previously, our income was low enough that we automatically qualified. BUT we moved to a new county & dh is teaching full time here with a salary & benefits. His medical benefits are great ($10 copay no deductibles), but the RX plan SUCKS royally!!! I medication for dd is about $250/mo (she has 2 others for another $150 & dh is diabetic & his will be about the same amt.)

Now, when we moved here, I called the caseworker & she said they would just transfer her benefits to this county, then we have to refile at the end of the month because its that time of the year anyway. No biggie. I go to fill my dds RX last week ($105) and they say it says she isnt covered! SO I start calling people. Old caseworker says that she got an email from some guy asking her to close it. I never asked for it to be closed! They tell me last tues that they will have a supervisor call me back that day or the one ever calls me. So I just called now. He asks what our income is & I tell him & then explain that it doesnt matter because dd is disabled. He asks if she gets SSI. No...I've never filed to get it (although I am in the process of doing it now...I had started previously & got overwhelmed). I am going to be royally pissed off if I have to wait until the end of the month to get dds insurance back. Her meds are controlled substances so I cant even get samples from her Dr to tide us over. They all act like everyone out there is trying to screw the system & get something for nothing. All I want is to make sure my DD gets the medications & services she needs!!!
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