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Bragging on DS!!!

Okay, Alex is about four and a half now and he is getting VERY interested in letters, number, ect. I'm attributing a lot of it to the German Kindergarten he goes to since I have not worked on it a lot with him. In the last week, he started writing his name, and so I have jumped on the wagon and been encouraging him. This morning while I was making breakfast, he sat down with my pad of paper and pen and made an A, B, W and Y!!! So, he asked me to write my name...I put MOMMY, then he asks for JEREMY, then for DADDY. He has been writing them all day long! I am so proud of him and he is making all the phonetic sounds for all the letters in the alphabet too! He's growing up so fast's like we were kind of stagnant for a while (even though I know that's not true, it just felt like there were no big leaps being made) but this is sooo exciting for me! I have been looking up state laws on HS this evening in IL since that's where we will be when we get back to the States and he will be entering 1st grade at that time. DH wants to keep him in the German school while we are here b/c he is starting to pick it up and since the German songs and stuff, so we can work with him here at home on the "American School" stuff and he can get the extra exposure during the day!!!
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