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Re: Does anyone else have a late/slow talker?

Um, most definitely! Camden is 20 months old, and says maybe three words. (Literally!)

Mason (his big brother) was kind of a slow talker too. But, he was SUCH a thinker, that he was observing first. Then, BAM he all of the sudden started talking full sentences. He had what they call a "language explosion."

Camden doesn't look like he'll do that. He's most likely delayed due to all of his health problems, but we're having evaluated (for speech delay) in a few weeks. He has been delayed in most bigger things too (walking, crawling, etc.) so I'm not super worried.

It's so easy to compare your babies to other peoples babies. We just have to remember that each child learns and grows at different rates. She might be focusing on something else right now, ya know?
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