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Re: If you're trying to get Little Lambs to email you back....

I have been contacted by the investigative producer at KVOA in Tucson and will be discussing my(our) situation next week. Additionally, I've just sent the same email to w/my issues as well as links to this forum/threads. Thanks for the FYI!

I suggest contacting the following for ALL who want justice:

KVOA investigative reporter:
3 On Your Side:
AZ Attorney General:

I don't put too much stock in Ebay's dispute resolution process although I hold out hope based on the truth that paypal will make the right decision. As someone has already stated, ebay is making a killing off of little lambs and they won't cut the purse strings on that "merchant" (used lightly)

Additionally, I HAVEN'T paid the $173.35 little lambs tried to steal from me as I filed a dispute with my credit card company. Either way, little lambs will not get may money.

I've had the same responses to my legitimates complaints/refund request. This is the latest:

My email:

On Wed, 10 May 2006, original boxcar wrote:


Plenty of free advertising here ->

and here ->

Hmm, alot of folks all having the same issues. Hard to believe
they're all lying as you state, but alot of negative feedbacks are
piling up!

Don't worry, if you don't provide a FULL refund plus shipping cost
to return the dipes you sent, I'll keep doing my best to spread the

Since I'm a web developer, if you give me a little bit more
encouragement, I might create a website devoted soley to exposing your less
than honorable business practices (all facts of course!).

Don't underestimate the power of non-ignorant consumers.



Little lambs(jens) response

We will not give into this kind of coersion from a liar like you. Send
the url.


KEEP UP THE good fight and file disputes if you have them! The more complaints the more chance little lambs unethical practices will be ELIMINATED!



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