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Re: Does anyone else have a late/slow talker?

She sounds just fine to me too. At 20 mos, my older dd has NO words, not even one all she did was grunt, point and cry. We had a home visit with a SLP who was just sure she could get dd to talk and I just wasn't supplying her with enough words. She was impressed with how I gave dd words for everything but even she couldn't get dd to do more than grunt. Her cognitive skills scored in the 36 mos range at that evaluation (she could understand things like a 3yo at 1.5yo) but her expressive score was 6-9mos (she had the verbal communication skills of an infant) But she STILL did not qualify for therapy! They wanted her re-evaluated after she turned 2yo if she still wasn't talking. About a month after the first eval she started talking in full sentences and she hasn't stopped since! She's smart as a whip and quite gregarious now. All this to say every toddler is different and I agree with the poster who said some people exaggerate (or flat out lie sometimes) about what their child can do. to you mama, she sounds like a normal toddler to me.


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