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Re: Milk did you determine it was a possiblity?

My DS was never colicky/fussy. But he had a terrible diaper rash that wuld not go away. He also spit up a LOT once every other day. I figured the rash was from a yeast infection (that's what the ped said) and that the spitting up was normal. Both DH and i have allergies so i was watching for them and was on a reduced-dairy diet since h was born (avoided obvious dairy).

I finally went hardcore no soy/no dairy and his rash that had been there over a month disappeared and he stopped spitting up altogether - it took 3 days to see this difference. Now when i accidentally get dairy or soy his symptoms return for a day and he gets greenish bm's with bloody flecks in them.

I am hopeful that he will outgrow these sensitivities by the time he's a year old.
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