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Re: Milk did you determine it was a possiblity?

Um...... the massive vomiting that lasted two or three hours. TMI below.

The first time I gave her formula was when she was about two months old and I wanted to go out of the house for the first time by myself, and the manual pump was worthless for me, so DH gave her acouple of ounces. but then she nursed a ton that evening (I was only gone an hour or so). She started to cry that night so I went in and she burped up her entire stomach contents from the last 6 hours. Just a little burp, she just opened her mouth as if to give a little baby yawnk, that went alllllll over my shirt and down my bra, and on DD? Nothing, not a drop. Amazing.

I thought I overfed her.

The next time was months later she was 5 months old and I gave her formula to see if she could tolerate it so maybe my mom could sit for her and let me and DH out to dinner. About an hour after she ate she projectile vomited every 20 minutes (you could almost set your watch to it) for three hours. A mad after hours call to the doc ended with a dairy allergy diagnosis which was correct. She is absloutly fine with everything but dairy, and she has since outgrown the allergy. She got dairy accentdally a few more times (3 more times) and the vomiting would happen again. Luckly I recognized the green shade she turned right before she got sick. My poor baby.

Lessons? Buy a real breast pump (for me a PIS backpack) before your child is 6 months old. And next time I have a child as coliky as she was I will cut dairy out of my diet. It did not seem to bother her in my milk, after we figured out at 5 months that she was allergic, unless I binged on a ton of dairy in a day.
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