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Re: Milk did you determine it was a possiblity?

My dd was covered in eczema head to toe! Poor baby and we didn't figure it out until her 6 month well baby checkup and it was the first thing our ped suggested. So I cut out dairy and within about 3 days she was a new baby! Wonderful. Well, I looooove milk in my tea (thanks to my English parents) and was really suffering, and we had recently switched to raw (unpasteurized) milk (e.g. straight from the cow), so I gave it a try. She had absolutely no reaction whatsoever from the raw milk. If I have any past. milk, though, she breaks out again. Also, I am lactose intolerant, but I can drink raw milk, no prob. The problem is really not the milk, per se, but the fact that it has been pasteurized and all the fragile milk proteins have been denatured and ruined - those "foreign" proteins are really hard to people to digest (not just babies, but tons of adults can't handle dairy either). Check out for more info - it is so much healthier than past. milk!
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