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Re: Tell me your process....

I have a dry pail.
I turn my washer on with a cold rise, dump the bucket and sprinkle a little baking soda on dipes and then into bucket.
When cold rinse is done I add a bit of Trader Joe's brand laundry detergent - it's concentrated powder so I only use about a tbsp or two.
Hot wash, cold rinse, cold rinse.
I toss everything in the dryer that doesn't have PUL and dry on high for 70min.
Unless it's a small load, I usually dry again on high for another 30min or so.

Almost all my covers are either Wiggle Worm Bottoms (PUL between two layers of fabric) or wool. The WWB covers get washed with regular laundry (unless poopy) and dried on medium heat every 2nd or 3rd time washed (line dried otherwise).
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