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Re: Weird dr app't... when are you supposed to start "real food"?

My way of thinking is (beyond the nutritional aspects) baby food in jars is expensive. I work with an underserved rural population. They don't always have the money to buy those things. It's my job to protect my babies nutrition by helping the parents know what to feed and when. I always tell them table foods are fine, just don't add salt, sugar, butter, or oil/lard/bacon grease. Their limited funds will go a lot farther if they spend 79cents on some bananas and mash them to feed baby 7-8times than to spend 79cents on 1jar of food. Also, so many of my patients have large gardens, what could be better than fresh, homegrown veggies and fruits?
So, OP, go for it. I can tell you there's nothing in the AAP guidelines that say you have to support Gerber.
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