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Re: HELP!!!ANYONE here trying to BF and have health issues since pregnancy/birth?

Originally Posted by ClothDiaperingMama View Post
Thanks Shannon! I started off thinking it wasn't an 'all or nothing' thing either, but then reading some of the posts on here with the bfing support... I wondered if I was just fooling myself. I am so glad that you ladies keep everyone grounded. I know that I am not the only mama who would love to bf exactly like we hear that everyone else does, but it just isn't happening. My DH is so glad that I haven't given up and just keep pumping. {He knows how important bfing is to both of us and how sad we would be if we just gave up}. I am thinking of getting the SNS immediately, but since I am out of state.. not sure where to get it or how to use it. We will be here until next week so I am hoping that my health continues to stay atleast the same, not get worse, and maybe I can attend a LLL meeting here. DH said he would take me, but I wonder how they feel about having a man/daddy there?
The blood pressure medicine I am on is "OK" for bfing even though it gets in the bm. {I was concerned with that}. The other medicine for the UTI isn't approved for nursing infants under one month old though. I have no idea why they didn't give me one that was. I told them I was bfing, asked if it was safe for bfing, and was told yes. They gave me one at the hospital and then the pharmacy told me that about bfing infants under one month. So to be safe.. I am not giving the bm to Egan until I finish it. I was going to call my ob at home to see what she said, but since I am in another state {7 hours away} I figured that she would say just do what the ER doctor said to do here. I still may call tomorrow when it isn't the weekend and ask her if it is okay or if she will get me another medication called in down here to a pharmacy.

Thanks for sharing your experience! I hope things continue to go good for you and Aiden with bfing!
You should be able to get an SNS at your hospital LC office or go on the Medela website and search for an authorized dealer in your area (usually LCs or medical supply stores.) If you cannot find anyone local, I just did a search on eBay and found the Elite Breastfeeding supplies sells the Lact-Aid and SNS.

I also found another listing for the Medela Hazelbaker fingerfeeder. This is what I actually used an an SNS. I liked it because it was only two pieces, so it was easy to assemble and clean. It also has a valve, so milk only flow if the baby sucks or if you squeeze it. It only holds 2 oz though, so it is not good if you will need to supplement long term. But, if you want to try it, you may find a local LC that still has one available. I only paid about $25 last time I bought one a year ago. If you want to try it, PM me and I can give you tips.

A super place for support with milk supply and supplementing at the breast is It is for mamas who have had BR surgery, but they also have forums for low milk supply and galactagogues and a great tutorial on using an SNS. It is inspiring to chat with women who have worked very hard to nurse even if they have not been able to produce a full supply. It helped me get over my "all or nothing" mentality.

There are often dads at my LLL meeting.
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