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Re: HELP!!!ANYONE here trying to BF and have health issues since pregnancy/birth?

I wanted to pipe in and reassure you, that although your LO isn't latching NOW, doesn't mean he Won't!

My DS was born, and transferred right to NICU. I didn't have any opportunity to BF him until he was two days old. The only way we could leave the hosp was supp. with forumla. I didn't care. I pumped like a crazy lady at the hospital, continued to do so at home (with a hospital grade pump) and kept offering breast at EVERY feed, before, during and after.

After two months, my DS FINALLY latched. We went on to nurse past a year!

It was VERY stressful, and such an emotional rollercoaster ride. Pumping around the clock is HARD work.

But, please don't give up if this is something you really have your heart set on!

And also know, whatever you ARE providing your son, you are doing a great job, and the other mamas are right. Some BM is better than none!

Keep your chin up, mama.

Everything has a way of working itself out!!
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