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Re: Chai Tea

Originally Posted by spathakis View Post
this is how we make tea in India.. at home every day
If you live in TX drive to my place i will make you CHAI every day!!

BTW I have to mention thats its wierd to me that CHAi tea is called that
As i am from india and in hindi( our language) Tea means Chai
so to say Chai tea is like saying TEA TEA........

Where in TX are you? I'm from Houston.

Originally Posted by my2sons View Post
Oh, I LOVE Chai!!!! I even was able to find Decaf Chai when I was pg!!! IMO, the Chai from Starbucks is a little too syrupy. If you make it with a tea bag or from scratch, it's much better!!!
Oh wow! Where did you find decaf chai?? I've been searching. I love chai but DD is sensitive to caffine so I haven't been able to drink it. Mmmmmmm, that sounds so good right now!!
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