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Re: hello with a question

Originally Posted by RicaSueW View Post
hello everyone... first time poster... we are ttc, ds is 10months old and still bf'ing... i have had two periods... the last of which was very unwelcome anyway, i was wondering what everyone knows about cervical position related to fertility... my cervix gets VERY low with my periods... (i am sometimes uncomfortable with my diva cup) is there any info about this out there??? thanks so much!!! i look forward to getting to know you all...

most women ovulate around the 15th day past the first day of their last period- this is a general rule but many women myself included are different and O either earlier or later.

When you are not ovulated your cervix is high and the opening is closed but the cervix in general is firm but not shut up like fort knox.

As you enter into the few days before you ovulate your cervix will come down-lower- and will be mushy and very flexable. The opening will indeed open up and be very flimsy.

That process usually takes around three days or so with the cervix getting musher and musher leading up to Ovulating

After you Ovulate your egg lives for about 6-24 hours although the most common average is 8-14 give or take.

After your egg dies your cervix begins to draw itself back together- this usually happens within 24 hours of ovulating and it is back in nonovulating form.

If you get pregnanant your cervix draws up higher and because very hard and tight with little give in the indent of the opening.

When you go on your period it will lower and open although it will not be as mushy as when you ovulate.

Now here is a fun tidbit!...If you want to conceive a girl have sex 3 days before you Ovulate and then do not have sex/let your mom spill forth inside of you until after you are done ovulating. Girl sperm are slower than boy so you need to give time for the boys to die off and the girls to catch up so that when you Ovulate the girls are there and waiting. If you do not get pg 3 days out the next month go 2 days and so on and so forth.

If you would like to try for a boy- DO NOT let your man spill forth prior to ovulating- for us we stay on the safe side at 5 days prior. Then the day you ovulate- LET"M LOOSE!! Boys are fater but weaker so you want the boys up there right when the egg comes out so that the girl sperm are still far behind!

I know when I ovulate and thus the only thing we do for natural family planning is I check it- get my rythem down and if we do not want to get pg then hubby holds his soldiers back during the 4 days before O and about 2-3 days after.

And on the girl boy thing- well we make babies really easily and so after three girls we got the low down on sperm physics! After three girls we got the facts and now we have a boy and we believe another one on the way!
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I hope that helps! If you have any ??? just ask- ...Minda
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