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Re: Advise on Guilt... Formula Feeding Moms

I really really feel for you. The guilt is terrible.

I had very very little milk supply. I mean it was horrible. No matter what I did - pumping, mothers milk tea, fenugreek, oatmeal, tons of water, gatorade, eating, nursing every 30 min, NOTHING helped. It got so low that I was pumping one half ounce per DAY! That's all I could get no matter how often I pumped. It was terrible.

Of course ALL of my friends are just cows when it comes to BFing. I was the ONLY one with an issue.Everyone else BF'd for nearly two years. Here I am with the bottle of formula.

20 mnths later and it still hurts. So I really don't know how to tell you to deal with the guilt. Just know that you did all you could. Your baby will still be healthy and well developed. My boy is very smart and didn't have any real illness until he was 18 mnths old.
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