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Re: Advise on Guilt... Formula Feeding Moms

Originally Posted by ~sarah~ View Post

I stopped BF at about 1 week old due to my severe PPD. I still feel guilty to this day. I just try not to dwell on it and remember that I did what I had to do given my circumstances at the time.

That is why I stopped. I couldn't even get out of bed, Dr. strongly advised me to go on medication, because it was getting worse by the day. So I can't even try to nurse now because of the meds.. It is nice to know that someone else has had the same problem.

What's horrible is I never felt guilty for not even attempting it with my other two children. I don't know maybe it is the older and wiser thing, or actually know the feeling of what it is like to nurse your child. WIth them I never tried so I never failed. KWIM
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