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Re: Why wooden toys?

I like the look of the wooden toys. I like my kids to read the classics too. We HAVE some junk, and oldest DS would be LOST w/o his treasured legos. But the toys we keep out in the living area are more natural toys. They don't overwhelm the room with noise and garish colors. They "look nice" and my kids reach for them over and over. They seem to keep their appeal longer.
Even our "junk" though is now more imaginative/open ended. I haven't had bleeping toys since my oldest was 2 or 3. I say a polite thank you and then we donate to kids who need it or exchange for other things. We end up with a lot of good gifts though b/c we offer up concrete suggetions at birthdays etc. Not all natural, there are relatives who think that the wooden toys are me "pushing my beliefs" and will do most anything to buy toys they think *I* like if that makes sense. But I work around that. For those who I KNOW aren't going to buy natural toys I try to get things from them that "we can stand"
So for the toddler we might list:
a FP popcorn popper type walk behind (and some cool wood ones too)
blocks to build with (teehee- more snuck in wood)
the cardboard nesting boxes based on nursery rhymes
cutting food (mention that the Melissa and Doug brand has the best variety or whatever and poof more wood )
wooden puzzles
a ride-on toy for outside
a big ball
a kids futon couch/chair
a Dr kit
a tonka truck
an easle
the metal kids cooking tool toys, apron etc
books books and more books
a good toy barn and animals

For my preschooler:
Thomas trains ( more sneaky wood)
art supplies
cars and planes and people and buildings that can be used w/ the trains (more wood!)
a teepee
a sleeping bag
more complex blocks (pyramids set, cathedral sets etc)
puppet theater
dress up items
a new robe or pjs or something
pieces to a wooden garage or house or castle that I already had (people WILL buy "go withs" little so and so LOVES his xyz but really wants these 4 pieces to it)
early board games
musical instruments
sets of animals or dinosaurs (generally plastic but we enjoy a good animal set- we have a platypus, wolverine, lynx, heron, crane, khaki campbell, yak, ikapi, and other uncommon toy animals and we really LIKE them and the kids want to learn what they eat and where they live etc)

For my DD
fairy wings
dance wear
bead crafts
learn to XYZ (knit or whatever) kits
better board games
books of course (like fairytopia or Little house series etc)
doll accessories or a certain doll she covets
a butterfly kit (from insect lore for example) or ladybug kit
build and paint bird house
an acoustic guitar
art supplies
a diary
a dvd
hula hoop and other outdoor toys
a bookshelf that matches her room or that she can paint/design herself
a kids cook book and some utensils or an apron
pieces to sets she already owns (like dollhouses or stables or something)

For my oldest DS I might list
science kits
ant farm or triops set
chess set
books and more books
more animal or dinosaur sets, we prefer the little tiny ones that are 2-3" tall
magician set
pieces to sets he has (such as playbil or imaginext or wooden castles or pirate ships- whatever you child might own)
a solar system replica kit or something similar
bug exploring things
balls and sports equip
board games
building toys
excavation type sets (I dig dinosaurs etc)
a watch
a model kit
cookbook (he loves to cook)
3-D puzzle
rocket you launch
juggling stix
hackey sack balls and how to juggle book or dvd
a hanging chair for his room
a small tent
a fishing pole
a net
Kim, mom of 5
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