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Re: Does anyone else have a late/slow talker?

Youngest dd is now 22 months, had 4 words at 16-17 months (I recently found a copy of a medical report from that time period). "Hi", "bye", "mama" and "dada". I know that she lost "mama" after that for a while, because she was calling me "daddy" all summer. She didn't babble consonant sounds at all until 10 months, and never really babbled much at all. We had an evaluation when she was around 16 months, and she qualified for EI, but it took months for her to get services. She didn't progress at all with speech while we were waiting for services. Then suddenly she started talking in sentences at about 19 months. (The same thing happened with older dd at about 16 months, after she had qualified for EI). Even after speaking in sentences for a few months, she just now started saying "no" in the past week.

I find it frustrating the dc with delayed speech get treated by others as if they were younger. It hasn't been much of an issue with my dd's beause they caught up quickly, but my younger ds really didn't speak well until he was 2.5 (started putting words together at just over 2 but had a better vocabulary at 15-16 months than my dd's did). He was at a daycare with a boy who was a week younger than him, but spoke well and was several inches taller. The other boy was treated as if he was much older than my ds, instead of being the same age.
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