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Re: 9 mo loooooooose stools

Originally Posted by sunshinebabies3 View Post
IT SOUNDS LIKE ROTAVIRUS! I hope not. I would get the baby checked out. dehydration can happen quickly with no major signs. and if it is rotavirus, you need to know b/c it is nearly impossible to kil and super contagious!!! you'll want to boil your dipes or something!!

as for symptoms, you can get some lactinex granules at the pharmacy and they make a world of difference! you just sprinkle them in some yogurt or something and they take them.

also--the brat diet.

bananas rice applesauce toast

it is supposed to help. good luck!

That's the scary thing I was thinking.

I've never heared of lactinex. They are safe for his age?

He won't eat anything but a little bread or puffs... that's it & I have to force the issue.

I must take him in you think?
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