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Unhappy Some advice would be great.

I want to go into labor on my own. With my first 2, I never really had that moment of "OMG, I'm in labor!" I always go to the hospital too early and end up being induced. Well, this baby is big, already. I'm afraid that if I go all the way to the end, the baby will be very big and hard for me to push out on my own. I am a doula and should know better that we don't grow babies bigger than we can birth, but doctors have very different ideas on the matter. I would rather have my natural vaginal birth than a c-section so what is worse, giving up my fear of not going into labor on my own and risking delivering via c-section or submitting to induction earlier than my edd?

I should add that I am 100% sure of the time I got preggo so the dates aren't off, this lo just decided to grow big. It is like my first. I had her at 36 weeks and she was already 6.5 pounds. Everyone says that if I went the full 40-42 weeks, she'd have been right around 10 lbs. I had to have episiotomies with both my 6 pound children so I'm afraid my body just cannot handle the delivery of a 10 pound baby. Any advice would be great because this is making me sad.
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