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Re: Why wooden toys?

We don't buy plastic toys. The few that we DO have were gifts at my baby shower, and couldnt be returned (I've actually thrown some of them into a box and put it in the basement).

We dont do plastic for a few reasons.

1) Wooden/Cloth/Natural toys are easier on the environment. Lots of nasty stuff goes into the manufacture of plastic childrens toys, and I prefer to do as much as I can to AVOID perpetuating the cycle of environmental abuse (this is one of the reasons why I cloth diaper as well).

2) Flash and ding toys are overstimulating. Honestly. I HATE them. Some of these toys they sell for itty bitty babies and toddlers are just frightening! Loud and bright and the electronic sounds are harsh and unatural. Want to play music to your child? Heres a though, give your child a little drum or tamberine, rather than having a microchip blast it out through a plastic speaker. YUCK! Babies are easily overstimulated, so I wouldnt want my child's delicate senses overloaded by an electronic toy.

3) Wooden and cloth toys leave more room for the imagination. MOST plastic toys are designed to serve a very specific roll. Barbie is Barbie, she isnt much else. A race car is a race car. You get the idea. A toy that is designed simplicticly, without limitative design (whether through color, label or other things) leaves more room for the child to create their OWN game to play. A cloth doll (like Waldorf dolls for example) are so versitile. Some arnt even gender apparent, meaning it could be a boy one day, or a girl the next.

Those are just my opinions. There is nothing wrong with parents who do plastic toys. I just prefer natural toys for my child. They are the kind I wanted as a kid!
I remember getting my first cloth doll when I was 10. I about DIED! I loved her so much. I would rather have played with her than my 20 Barbie dolls any day!
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