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Re: Some advice would be great.

Ok -- first, it is unlikely that your baby really would have gained a pound a week at that point. Honest.

And "had" to have an episiotomy? Why? Tears are usually far less serious than an episiotomy and they really can't tell ahead of time if you'll tear or not. Why take a 100% wound over the chance of one? I know many mamas who "had" to have episiotomies with 6lb babies and have pushed out 10lb babies without issue.

Since you're a doula, I'm sure you know this, but you'll be best able to birth a larger baby by maintaining a wide range of motion and listening to your body.

If I were you, I would tell your doctor that you trust in your body and will not submit to a c-section for size, nor for slow progress, as long as you and the baby are okay. Sometimes they play the "dead baby" card, but if so, simply ask if you and your baby are both okay at the present time? If yes, then continue. Have a doula to stand up for you, even though you are one!

I would also not consent to an induction, since, as you know, that also increases your risk of a c-section.

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