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Re: Some advice would be great.

For some women each birth gets easier. But for others, like myself, it got 2x longer, not necessarily harder except when came time to push because I was being directed to push instead of being allowed to push when I was ready, and the size of second. My second was a little over 8lbs.

So, mama! You have to trust yourself, in knowing that your body will do the job right, without all of the extras. It truly will if you trust and go with it.

Some babies slow down in growth at the last month instead of dramatically gain depending on many factors. So it will be well with you. I stayed home until I was 9cms. I check my own cervix, and so can you if you so choose.

Wait it out, then go in. They cannot force you to be induced, or have a c-section. The most that can happen is that the baby will take longer to come and push out- so be it. Just do not be bullied, and stand up for what you want mama. I personally would like to refer you to

I learned how to communicate with my baby while in labor, and check my cervix, and I stayed home for 20+ hours in labor without anyone and felt very comfortable before I went to the birth center with my husband. Feel comfortable in your body, and with knowing that you will not give in to what you do not feel inwardly is best.
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