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Re: Pinning challenge! :D

Oh my! I just read through this thread last night and watched the video on how to pin. I had NO idea it would come in handy just a few short hours later!!!

DS has the *worst* diarrhea today. He has been battling a stomach bug since Saturday, but so far it has been throwing up and a low fever. Today, he just exploded in his diapers!! I mean the totally liquid, runny poo that gets forcefully expelled and just explodes the diaper

Well, I was using ONLY my pins, not even looking at my Snappis and put into practice all the things I have learned on here. So far, my prefolds were always hopeless, while I was getting rather good at my flats.

Well, today I ROCK!! I mean, tight leg gussets, and not a single molecule of DS's poo escaped my diapers! The wool covers are still untouched! That has never happened before, and today time after time (and I am changing him constantly 3-4 times before he is done pooping for a bit)

I will now go and give myself a pat on the back.

Oh, and everybody who contributed to this thread of course
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