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Re: Pinning challenge! :D

Originally Posted by Lyeth View Post
Oh my! I just read through this thread last night and watched the video on how to pin. I had NO idea it would come in handy just a few short hours later!!!

DS has the *worst* diarrhea today. He has been battling a stomach bug since Saturday, but so far it has been throwing up and a low fever. Today, he just exploded in his diapers!! I mean the totally liquid, runny poo that gets forcefully expelled and just explodes the diaper

Well, I was using ONLY my pins, not even looking at my Snappis and put into practice all the things I have learned on here. So far, my prefolds were always hopeless, while I was getting rather good at my flats.

Well, today I ROCK!! I mean, tight leg gussets, and not a single molecule of DS's poo escaped my diapers! The wool covers are still untouched! That has never happened before, and today time after time (and I am changing him constantly 3-4 times before he is done pooping for a bit)

I will now go and give myself a pat on the back.

Oh, and everybody who contributed to this thread of course

that's awesome mama! doesn't it feel good to know you can wrap him up in soft cotton and still catch all those poos? yay! go you!
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