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Re: 9 mo loooooooose stools -UPDATE IN 1ST POST

Originally Posted by Leininger27 View Post
Rotavirus is awful! All 3 of my older kids had it (at different times) and they all were in the hospital for it! It is very contagious so make sure you wash hands often and you are going to want to do something with your cd!

You are really going to have to push fluids! That is the main concern!
Luckily, or unluckily, however you want to look at it, when it all started, my oldest was at school & they have Pull-ups at school & so he was in sposies there... & for my youngest we happened to have a pack of sposies from a friend we were using b/c we had a busted pipe b/c of some digging that caused a break in our water line (it was wash day & I had stretched it to the limit & ran out of course I was doing a wash when the line broke). Long story short, we have been in sposies a couple days... & I just decided to keep it that way to keep the risk away from having to fight to kill the virus. Not interusted in fighting that battle. I don't need any more than I've had!
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