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Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??

I had almost an identical situation to yours with a breech baby (found out she had turned on my due date!) and my Dr. (who is quite possibly the most laidback and fantastic OB in the state) had told me that she was concerned that my pubic bone was distorted so that the baby would be unable to come underneath it anyway. As it turned out I did have a scheduled C-section with my first and it was fantastic!! (Nothing compared to the horror birth stories I have heard from many friends). Still with Number 2 I really felt that I wanted to give VBAC a try. I talked to my Dr. about it and she told me that the risks were higher that she would be unable to save me or the baby if I went with the VBAC. THe C-section was actually safer for me. Because of my weird pelvis history and not knowing how long I would labor for (technically even though this was Baby #2 I would be considered a first timer with the labor and delivery thing and could have a much longer labor with more chance of uterine rupture.....the really serious issue). So I did proceed with a second C-section (only after telling my Dr. my desire for a large, maybe 5+ kid family). She was not only reassuring, but told me that she will never tell me how many kids I should have because she believes that it is not up to her. She will let me know of the risks each time and she said she has performed many repeat C-sections on women with a desire for lots of children. She said my greatest risks are injury to my bladder which is fairly easy to repair and greater chance for more blood loss due to scar tissue (which is not a huge issue for most women due to the 40% increased blood volume with pregnancy). Anyways I am now PG with number 3 and planning a third c-section. I have lots of friends who have had 3+ sections and some are even my mom's age (50+) and had no complications whatsoever. I wish you lots of luck with your decision and hope that you will come to peace with a second C-section if it's what you choose. I am happy to have my children here safely and have the prospect for more in the future and honestly my recoveries have been so good I feel like I'm in better shape than most of my friends after the birth!! Also I did have two friends go VBAC. The one whom I trust the most told me that after the horrendous ordeal she went through she will defintely opt for a C-section next time. Good luck!!
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