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Re: table food/finger food- when is a good time?

Originally Posted by Kele View Post
I never gave my third child any jarred food. She went straight to table foods around 9 months (she was also bf - and still is - nurses more than she eats at 16 months). It was so nice to just give her bits of what we were eating - soft foods at that age like pasta and fresh fruit and steamed veggies.

We are more like this. but we have grown into it.

with first we started on homemade baby food at 6 months- since that was what dr's recomended (we also weren't as crunchy then lol) she took right to food and by 10 months she usually ate a bit of everything off our plates. by 12 months she had weaned herself and ate whatever we ate. (peanut butter and honey we always waited until after 1 year. yogurts and cheeses though we did give at around 10 months- dr said it was good and would help build their milk tollerance)

with second. She stricktly nursed until about 9 months and then would get some table scraps- by 11 months she was way down on nursings and eating whatever we did and/or homemade baby food (by the way she did not get any teeth until she was 10 1/2 months old but had no problem before that nawing on finger foods)

third- pretty much the same as 2nd but had less of the baby food mush- her fav food by 11 months was spegetti!

NOW then fourth and this will hopefully be 5th as well, he nursed for all meals and would snack on what we were eating but it wasn't a necessity. If he didn't get any solid food it made no difference. If we were out and about he would often snack on little things but usually just got extra nursies. This went on for almost an entire glorious year. So slids were not apart of his daily meals until 12 months. Any table foods he ate were whatever we were having- within reason of course. If we ate say steak he did not have that but would have the stuffing, carrots, corn on the cob- you get the picture.

Our more or less motto on the food is they get it when they are big enough to have what we have. It is working for us and I have very good eaters who are not picky, not allergic to anything, and willing to try all kinds of foods.
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