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Re: hello with a question- TTC- Cervix

Originally Posted by RicaSueW View Post
one more question, well for now anyway, how do you determine the length of you luteal phase??? this is the time from ovulation to menstration right??? thanks
I posted a huge thing on it yesterday and then my post didn;t go through- urgh I was so frustrated I just walked away! lol

so here is the short of it all

Lut P is the time from the day you O to the day before your Period.
Without a blood test you can not now these dated for sure but by checking your cervix and knowing your body you can get a pretty accurate guess!

You have to have 10 days of Lut P in order to have a viable pg.

Most resources say that your Lut P never changes so if you O and then go 20 days between your Lut P and then the next month O and go 15 that your hormones are off balance and that possible you are not actually releasing eggs.

Other studies sya that each women is different and as long as you have atleast 10 days you are fine.

If you have less then 10 is could be why you are not getting/retaining pg's

It all vari's though and that is why it is good to know about your cervix and when you O.

I normally have a 28 day cycle. I O on the 17th day- that is exactly 10 days of Lut P. However when I became pg with this current baby I was still comming off breastfeeding hormones and my periods fluxed between 34 and 42 day cycles. I still O'd on the 17-18th day and I still became pg even though there were fluxing Lut P days.

Therefor I tend to believe the studies more that say that type of flux is not to be to concerned over but less then 10 is.

I hope that helps- If I didn't answer the ??? you wanted let me know...Minda
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