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DD is killing me..I'm exhausted!

Anyone else have a baby like this?She is 16 months old and this morning alone she...

climbed onto the bench and then onto the kitchen table about a hundred times

knocked over/climbed over/pulled apart my folded laundry that I am stacking on the living room floor as I fold

pulled all my measuring cups and things out of the drawer

tore apart ds's speech folder which she dragged off the table...we're talking shreds here..sigh

turned on and off the tv a hundred times

pulled cereal boxes out of the cabinet( a low one)

there is more I am sure..i am so tired of chasing this baby! She is asleep now after dropping ds off at preschool..I need the rest!

She is by far my craziest baby ever and if I take my eyes off her for even one milisecond..disaster is sure to strike! Good thing she is so dang adorable....who can get mad at that cute little face???

mom to Shea,Anya,Molly,Luke,Noah,Aedan and Lachlan

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