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Re: I dont know how to feel

Originally Posted by Irishmommy View Post
The beauty of child led weaning is that you know they are ready and it is such a natural process. My ds self-weaned at 18 months and dd started the process (even though I had to finish it quickly because I was preggo and couldn't handle nursing while pregnant) at 26 months. I still miss nursing her and was convinced that if she asked again once the baby was born that I'd give tandem nursing a try...but she has never I guess she was pretty ready to wean too. Men just can't understand the nursing relationship. There really isn't a standard of comparison for them. Nursing is wholly a beautiful, mother/child relationship. What a blessing to have that in our lives.
Joe doesnt understand extended breastfeeding. He recognizes the health benefits and thought it was great that she was still nursing at 2 but once mia was born, he started saying that he thought she was getting too old.
He doesnt understand that it isnt something that you can just easily stop. She wasnt ready and it didnt help that she was constantly seeing me snuggle her baby sister.

She actually just finished nursing. Of course, while she was on my lap, mia needed me and I remembered why I am so ready for this to happen.
I guess it is a good thing for it to happen slowly. The days will start spacing out longer and longer until one day I will not even remember the last time.
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