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Re: Babywearing question

Get your rings a bit high on your shoulders and have just enough extra in your pouch to get your baby in- thus you want you pouch a bit bigger than you want it when you pull your tether. It takes a few times of doing it to know where you like it on your shoulder. also I like mine more toward the outside of my shoulder and not pulling in toward my neck.

Now then here is the biggest part that most people do wrong. They do not set up the pouch and end up with way too much extra fabric.

So what you want to do i have most of the extra fabrix gathered toward the inside of your body. This way when you put your baby in it, the outter edge will be where you want it . Also I found it very odd to wear by baby with their head down, I always have the head on the same side as the rings.

So put it on with rings hitting just barely tilting toward the front of your shoulder. creat your pouch that you will put the baby in with the extra fabric gathered toward the inside of the pouch. Lay your baby in your created pouch and pull your tether to tightened your rails.

If you want to try a t2t- which for some people is easier. You do the same thing only you want a bi more fabric so that when you put the baby in you can get everything adjusted right. Create the pouch put baby in feet first adjust top rail to where you want the head support and make sure the gather of the rest of the fabric is under the bum (feet can be in or our- with this small of a baby I do in but again the extra fabric is under the bum area) then you just pull your tether.

Hope that helps- I wish I had pics ... actually you know on my wrapping pics you do the pouch the same way so if you can't find good r-sling pics let me know and send me your e-mail and I can send you the pouch part of my newborn wrapping instructions...
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