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Re: DD is killing me..I'm exhausted!

I could have written your post!! I have my nephew after school, and I had to tell him and my older DD NOT to leave the baby downstairs with the baby gate up...she climbed onto the recliner, up the back of the recliner and OVER it to get into the kitchen (we have a sunken family room, it's like 3 feet below the dining room/kitchen table area). She can get out of ANY buckle in a high chair and stands up and turns around. She can climb the baby gate, but hasn't figured out how to go OVER it just yet. She navigates stairs very well, both up and down (but never without an adult right there just in case). She pushes the buttons the washer/dryer stopping it and turning it off...she turns the tv on and off and on and off. You can tell her NO, she'll shake her head no, and then do it anyway. If she weren't so cute I'd be insane! This morning she was going into the pantry, getting a few pieces of dog food, feeding it to the dog and going back for more. She also kept closing herself between the glass screen door and the front door saying, "Where's Lily?" (wanting to play peekaboo). She's a REAL handful, and I fear it will only get worse...thank goodness I"m a patient person and she's cute
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