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Re: Easy casserole recipes

Originally Posted by fouradss View Post
Another of our quick favs.

Not a casserole, but a soup.

It is called Cabinet Soup.

You find anything that you have in your cabinets. Stray can of corn, green beans, tomato paste, kidney beans, (any veggie), Tomato juice

Meat of your choice. Usually we use burger or venison. (fully cooked)

Throw in some seasonings that sound yummy. Put it all in a pan and let simmer. Add that 1/2 bag of noodles that's left from the last thing you made. Once the noodles are cooked your ready to eat.

It turns out different everytime, and I haven't had one come out bad yet. Actually, that is what I had for dinner tonight. It's really cold here, and hot soup sounded REALLY good.

That really reminds me of something I make called "tater-tot nachos"
All you do is take a bag or frozen tater-tots or frozen french frys and spread them on a baking sheat/pan. Dump on a can or two of beans, olives, tomatos, etc. Frozen or canned veggies (I like corn best), some left over tomato sauce, ketchup, etc. the rest of the bag of fresh spinich that's about to turn, and some shredded cheese. Bake until the frozen potato product is done. It's pretty healthy becides the potato product, and it's supper easy and yummy! I don't eat meat, but you could add cooked meat too if you wanted.
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