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Re: Oh ouch! sore nipples!

Originally Posted by SJwith2girls View Post
I don't know I have my dating u/s tomorrow. I will be so glad to have a due date. It has been so frustrating telling people we are expecting......SO when ya due? Mid May .... I think

I had a 6 week cycle, a 2.5 cycle and then showed up PG. So going by my symptoms and comparing them to my last 2 pg's I'm thinking I was having another 2.5 week cycle and am due May 7th. Can't wait to find out how close I am.

YAY!!! Let us know when you find out. lucky you with the u/s. I havent' had one yet at 12 weeks. maybe I should have told them that I didn't remember my last cycle and they would have done it
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