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Baby led weaning and my seven month old

We don't vax which = we don't do many well visits.

We moved so we still haven't established a relationship with a pediatrician here yet either - another reason for less doc visits.

Ds is 31 weeks old and weighs 15 1/2 lbs (average per week gain is 4 oz which is within the "normal range"). We've never had concerns because he nurses well and has steadily gained weight.

Anyway - to the point!

I worry about the solids thing. We went the more traditional route with dd and she started with some rice cereal at around 5 1/2 months. This time around we are doing a more non-traditional approach and hoping to promote extended breast feeding.

So far he will only really tackle breadcrusts and broccoli stalks (he is a b& b kind of a guy I guess). I've tried a few pureeds and he's SOOOO not interested but hand him something to gnaw on and there he goes!

Who else is practicing blw? What have been your experiences? I'm a little nervous
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