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Re: Baby led weaning and my seven month old

Originally Posted by radtad View Post
Ha, I feel ya on the doctor situation.We missed some of our early well baby visits due to the exact same reason! Thankfully, I believe we have finally found a pedi who wants to be a doctor to our kids, instead of another parent!

Whew, done with that, moving on... We BLW, but not strictly. Addi eats most of what we are having for dinner, but certain things I will spoon feed her, which is technically a no-no for BLWers. Things like cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, etc. She handles 'chunky food' on her own. Such as pieces of meat, veggies, etc. I also homemake just a few pureed things. I puree her pears and pretty much any type of berries for fruit. I give her these when she's playing with her 'big girl food'. She eats when we're eating for the most part. When she sees us eating our food is really the only time she is interested in anything non-boob If we have finished and are sitting there with her, she'll be totally done, no problem. Also, she goes in spurts...maybe 2-3 days will go by and she just isn't interested in the high chair. Then maybe a day or so it'll seem like she has lots of food. However, we aren't big 'schedulers' I am just kind of a 'go-with-the-flow mommy, if that makes any sense

Raises hand because she wants to be a scheduler! - Bot I'm not so this feedback helps. Sounds like I'm on a similiar old was your lo when you started intro'ing solids?
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