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Re: Demand Nursing/when/does it end?

yeah, my ds still gets up in the night, he's weaned and he's 2.5, but since we still co-sleep, he likes to make sure we are still there at night! LOL

With dd, normally she goes 4-5 hours at night, so for me, that is sleeping through the night, but apparently her dr doesn't have the same opinion! LOL We are military, and moving in Dec, so she'll have her 6 month appointment there, and then I'll try and find a more attachment parenting minded dr for both kids at our next station.

BTW, I know she nurses more since she sleeps with me, but that's ok, because I normally "sleep" through her nursing sessions at night anyways.

All I can think of is I must have looked really tired yesterday! Both kids have had a cold and dh is deployed, so I've been running a little low on energy, but I wasn't complaining about it or anything.
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